Dakona - Good (i've Got A Lot To Learn) lyrics

Perfect Change
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Rain falling in a paper cup
Got her head turned down and her collar pulled up
There' a sorrow in her eye and a sadness in her sigh
But she ain’t gonna talk unless you come again, come again
Sitting on a curb in the afternoon
Watching colors dance around like her feet to a tune
You know she knows she knows she knows
There goes it goes it goes
You better come again

I got a lot to learn baby . . .
So please won’t you teach me
I got a lot to learn baby
And everybody wants a shot at you darling

Oh she said
You can’t help me if you’ve never been
Got my head filled up with the memories of everything
And I can never sleep ‘cause the shuffle of the feet
Always pounding in my brain like a hurricane
Still I can see your open hand
If you can’t let me near, then I can’t help you stand
I’ve got nothing to complain about
Nothing I can shout about
Maybe I could bust you out


And you don’t care about tomorrow
You just stand out in the rain
And if you listen you can hear
That I’m the one whose got his hand out looking for a little change


Oh, You look so good