Rakoth - Og'elend lyrics

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Dwelling in the depths, lurking as unnoticed As
the shadow can't lurk in the gloom of the
Underdark's night Ilythiiri, as we Drow call
ourselves Rejoice life and deeds in the name of
Queen Lloth Whether skinning the human on the
sacrificial altar Or fighting another House to
obtain the bounty of Spider Queen Drow
remembers the wisdom of millenia carved in
blood of ancestors "Who survives is who wins"...
City is shrowded with invisible aura Atmosphere
of black vanity consumes the unsound
Underdark And the male drow is nothing but a
servant So dares not to think - "Matrons know
best" Darkness is the way of the drow Hate and
scorn to all who does not belong to us So death
to the elves, pain to the humans Disgrace to
the dwarves... Drow supreme! "Jal khaless zhah
waela..." "Ilharessen zhaunil alurl..." "Vel'uss
zhaun alur taga lil Quarval-sharess?.." "L'elend
zhah alurl..." "Lloth tlu malla!" "Ssussun pholor
dos!" Hearken, ye Loethe! Do not hide thyself
Behind the backs of the priestess ready to die
by thy word I, Azamath Tormtor, shall not
follow thy path I am free - I own my way
Realize - I am different, I am not thine And thy
rules do not affect me, thy orders are in vain Be
aware of me and thou wilt not be amazed When
thy temples are desecrated and burnt...
Invisible I sneak the caves, to Arach-Tinilith I'm
gradually getting closer and closer And finally
I'm here standing by the walls, unseen
Vel'Xundussa failed once again, the spies are
perfect But I am led by scorn and rage The
spirit of rebellion lives inside of me "Lil waela
lueth waela ragar brorna lueth wund nind,
kyorlin elghinn..." "Oloth zhah tuth abbil lueth
ogglin..." Good old sayings serve me now and
turn against you... Hearken, ye Loethe! I know I
shall perish In battle against thy web that binds
the minds of the drow "To walk apart from the
House and Queen Is to walk into the grave" -
My grave is the flame Nothing can possess me
and noone I obey I am heretic, Og'elend, and I
am proud of my fate So let it all be as it is We
shall see what will follow... If something will...