Rakoth - The Dark Heart Of Uukrul lyrics

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"I'm one of the darkness, once of the light I'm
holding the Beacon, holding the night And if one
of the darkness has won over light The pure
shall be slaughtered in eternal night" Ruled by
the ancient kings The city under the mountain
Eriosthe laid in peace The Beacon gave the light
The Beacon of powers so great Released at
once they would Destroy everything These
powers could not be possessed by the kings
Too weak to exploit the whole might So I who
have all the Arcana rings Emerge to claim my
right I hide my heart within ornate urn At the
place of no return Eight Beacon's guardians'
hearts petrified To lock my death inside "The
first behind gases and poisonous air The second
with the dead behind twist and stair The third
with the dragon, the fourth in a cell The fifth in
the depth warped by evil spell The sixth with
His hordes, the seventh in a pit And the last in
the Stronghold where the Dark One sits Eight
frozen keys for six bloodied locks And the
darkest heart from the coldest rock" "One
shattered heart shall the Dark One stop..." The
fools tried before Too feeble were their efforts
So worthless fate is deserved by fool With the
ancient lore Dark prophecy summoned by
servant In vain - Areth, thou wilt never rule! If
one had force to find all hearts To hold me
within this plane And with hammer of black glass
split my soul apart It would not stop my sinister
reign The only way to end this all And to make
my citadel fall Is to fire the Beacon inside my
lair If the gods wish to heed your prayer "Umhir
deln Fshofth, Du saq mishallfen Ersan su
stramanlisa du saq verhallfen Itor ka skirian,
thror qastura taras Wur qanar wur stilor wur