Ram-zet - The Moment She Died lyrics

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Far away from sanity
your screaming gives me pleasure
the only reason I let you live...
is that I want to feel your fright

I fear for my life
I sensed it tolate
the journey has come to an end now

One second away from destruction
I'm filled with equanimity
hate has given me this power
to immortalize your pain

I wish you could see that all that I ever wanted was you to know me

from time to time
I thought that I did
but no I see so clear my devil
is really just you
then when I try to act like you say
it always brings me pain
so I'm sorry but now you're dead

your dream is your truth
and visions of insanity claims you to be your own enemy

your lifeless corpse on the bed in front of me
feel the serenity encircle your mind
close your eyes as I put you to death
the moment is here...

To late to escape to late to forget
I scream as you take my hand...

And as I watch you glance to the sky
it feels like nothing's changed
I'm still alone
I've always been and suddenly as fear comes to mind
she's on the other side
it is the fact the bitch is dead

and though my distant light
I see once again that this one last fright
this final motion makes me realize
the onyl truth and I feel no pain
as the light blows out