Rampage - The Set Up lyrics

Scouts Honor...by Way Of Blood
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I seen many mc's getten laid to rest
Under stress, shot through they're bullet proof vest
Now you wanna be hardcore
You were never an outlaw
Until you just came off tour
Yo you talk a good game, brothers around your way knows your name
They wanna burn you in the flame
The other day you told me that you bout some new steel
You was like "Yo Ramp, yo I'm keepin it real"
The only type of real puttin down your steel
Pick up your pen and show me you in it for real
Before the next man put you to the test
He's a killer, he's from a town called brownsvilla
Him and his whole click be movin out of town
When they get back your six feet underground
You didn't listen
You didn't play your position
They shot your baby bombs and she turned up missing
Some where in Whitehovas
Your ass is to blame
That's what happens when you enter the game


No matter who you are, you still catch a bullet scar
if you a rap star you won't go far
They wanna skin you alive, they know the type of jeep that you drive
You'll be dead by the end of night
No matter who you are, you still catch a bullet scar
if you rap star you won't go far

Now you on a run you can't see them son
You livin by the sword plus you packin a gun
Now you on the S train talkin about you going home
The brothers is in front of your door with the chrome
You sneak in through the back way
To that's nervous
They wanna get your moms before Sunday service
They wanna get your Pops before he goes to work
Even though he's a doctor or world expert
Yo they ripped your baby sister and threw her
in the ditch with your brother Mitch
He's an inside snitch
He told brothers where you rest and where you be
Now you upset
You wanna flea the country and lay low
in the East with this girl named Mes
Yo she works for the beach you and her in peace
She's a snake, all she do is hustle weight
Take the money and break
Sell it back up state
You can't sleep
So you keep your hand on your steel
Watch your back before a brother gets killed