Randy - Education For Unemployment lyrics

There's No Way We're Gonna Fit In
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I never used to raise my voice I've always been the quite. instead of wasting time on bullshit Ive been thinking of a riot. The teacher said: well Stefan dont you have anything to ask? -Yeah, but you dont have the answers in your goddamn class!! It's time to break the silence and get up on from my knees. I had enough of their oppression and their false way to please. I never did get their intention, study for the labour market need. It would be better to take lessons in what to do as an uneployed. I wish that more people could be sure and instead of ignore we could make our goals natural to achive and instead of belive in God, politics and war we can do something better together. The ones who need someone to tell them to take more or to take less must be so fucking stupid that they need a map to find their ass. Its obvious that this society has a lack of personalitys, responsibility.