Randy - More Of That Miserable Misery lyrics

There's No Way We're Gonna Fit In
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My chest expands as I inhale the morning breeze. My direction unknown, wander off enjoy the complaceny, feel good about beeing alone. As sure as I once fell asleep, I will surely wake up, confused, awakening leisurly. Got the sheets around my head, strangulation analts. a day I?d better stay in bed. Though everything seems fine thoughts I can?t explain comes rushing through my mind. Surley things will turn out fine for me, but things comes back to haunt, we just have to wait and see what fate has planned for me. As I sit and watch the setting sun, nothing?s lost and nothing?s won. Am I liberated from the things that held me back or are the leash just given slack? All the questions block my head cerebral haemorrhage awaits, is there a difference to wake up dead?