Randy - Nothing More Than Everything lyrics

There's No Way We're Gonna Fit In
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Its all neglected, things we wanna save. truly rejected all the green we seem to pave. we strive for perfection, getting farther everyday. we forgot our direction and are reading the wrong way. things we perpetrate to show preponderance securing human comfort is a poor defence. Is it all a state of mind, that everything can be refined. what makes us so sure, that everything will turn out fine in the end. Try to think about others, its to sensible, its much better to think of what we gained. just use and not give back, is more rational, i can't feel bad about it theres no conscience left to stain. were al infected of moral decadence, always affected of ethal anbivalence were trying to motivate and justify our deeds its for wellbeing of the human breed environmental care. its to conventional explotin`everything is my perogrative how about paring the wild! its to irrational. This is no time to get sensitive.