Randy - Shovel That Snow lyrics

There's No Way We're Gonna Fit In
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I can not belive the cheapness and inefficiancy. The community intermediate their citizens. They neglect our civil rights with false and selfmade primacy. And the fact that we pay tax is not relevant. With dependance they will try to make usbend obediance, the message thet they send. We will not rest untill equallity, justice and freedom will admit. Into the common minds, erasing the false values of both church and state. Their positions been under mind, no longer can they make us to submit and if they try, against them is more than 2000 years of hate. Where is their rhyme and their reasons they earn on decay. Boast about their finance brought us? They are building yet another US of A , The environment suffers badly and the market starts to fail. No connection, wont rearange green affection. They will try to make us bend.